A.I. Resources

Below you will find things to do with Artificial Intelligence.
This world is limitless, the only boundary is your imagination!

Neat Options to Consider



Midjourney. An independent research lab. Exploring new mediums of thought. Expanding the imaginative powers of the human species. Sign in with Discord


tally free, even has a video to help you start! Video Directions!

Nebula 41

Free Artificial Intelligence Generated art. Nebula41 offers a great community,discord,twitter spaces and contests. I also use this, its new, a lot of fun, and really great people.


NightCafe Generate, tweak and download up to 5 artworks per day for free. No watermarks! Simply choose or upload a content image and a style image. When you click “Create”, our AI will recreate your content image in your chosen style. I use this sometimes its good fun.

Deep Dream Generator

 Deep Dream Generator  Is a set of tools which make it possible to explore different AI algorithms.If you want something via subscription that you can place images in,merge with ai, this is the place!

snow pixel

Turn your prompt into artwork You + AI = Art.
Get 10+ AI-generated images for each prompt, upload existing
images for even more on-brand illustrations, and animate them
Not free


Inferkit is something special. This A.I. will build you stories. Enter in some text, perhaps some key words, and away you go! Its alot of fun, and something very different than the usual. Be Curious!

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One final note, as always, we reccomend you do your own research. Always check license usage before use.