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When you are priced out,finding your way can be rough.

There is a a lot to figure out. Here you will find resources and information to help learn.


Here you will find MetaVerses you can

experience today!


Every ones looking where to begin. what to do. How to do. Where do I go. Lets fix that and make this that place. It’s a work in progress ,join me. It’s our world to create!

-work in progress-



Click to see different projects that caught my eye, from any chain. Here I want to show you different projects that I think are doing things differently. Worth attention and have a future.

Additional Resources

-work in progress-Find options to explore for physical and digital items.
Pins, attire, Poaps OH MY! Help us build and send in suggestions!


Get an inside look at some of Web3 projects, artists, and platforms

Web3 is endless in its potential. Tools are only as good as those that use them.

See what all you can do!

Get all the upcoming events!

Never miss another space or drop again!

Hand picked for your curious mind to explore and be amazed.
Braveland provides a Metaverse experience where you can participate in Live NFT auctions and other awesome events.
The Humble Miner – Great Game you can even earn real NFT’s.
Rvn Beats-  Official Launch July 2022

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